Friday, 16 January 2015

Weebledown Farm Wobbily Farm Mill & Barn

My kids love Weebles, we have the Peppa Pig Weebles Wind And Wobble Playhouse and the kids have played with that loads in the last few months so when we had the opportunity to try out the new Weebledown Farm range the kids were super excited.

We were sent the Wobbily Farm Mill & Barn which is suitable for 18 months + so it's perfect for my daughter Summer who turns 2 in March. It comes with Rusty The Rooster Weeble but you can also buy other farm animal weebles to add to it like Fluffy The Sheep, Patch The Dog and Buttercup The Cow to name a few.

Summer couldn't wait to get her hands on it and thought it would be fun to play with her Peppa Pig Weeble on it too. 

It has lots of fun features to keep kids entertained for hours, if you put the weeble on top of the windmill and press the button it makes the sails turn and the weeble go sliding down the slide and land on the spinning roundabout. 

You can also put a weeble on top of the barn and spin them around and round the back of the barn is a little straw nest for Rusty to sit.

This has quickly become one of Summer's favourite toys and she plays with it every day, I love to hear her little giggles as the weebles go down the slide.

Riley was also a big fan and they happily sat and played with it for hours when he came home from school.

You can find the Weebledown Farm range online at and prices start at just £4.99.

Do your kids love Weebles?


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  1. How cute is that!! I can't wait till taylor is old enough to play with toys like this! :)


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