Sunday, 15 February 2015

Siblings - February 2015

I haven't done a siblings post in a while and I've really missed it, when I was doing it regularly I always made a conscious effort to get some nice photos of them together and the last few months of not taking part I've hardly taken any of them so I wanted to get back to it and hopefully it will encourage me to gets lots more lovely shots of my beautiful babies. 

Summer continues to copy everything Riley does and I've noticed that they play together a lot more now because Summer is capable of doing more of the things that Riley can do. It's lovely to sit and watch them playing but unfortunately at the moment the playing always seems to get a little rough and someone (usually Summer) ends up getting hurt and crying.

We're slowly working on teaching Riley that he has to remember that Summer is younger and smaller than him and he sometimes hurts her without really meaning to, the problem is no matter how many times he makes her cry she always goes back for more, she just loves him so much.

They love sitting as close together as possible on the sofa in the evenings having a snack before bedtime, it's so adorable.

As their relationship develops I can kind of see how it's going to go, Riley is easily wound up and Summer knows this and takes great pleasure in winding him up at any opportunity and then sitting back and laughing while he flips out. Also as Summer is quite mischievous Riley likes to encourage her to do naughty things that he wouldn't do himself as he knows he'd get in trouble but as Summer idolizes him she will pretty much do anything he says, he finds her little naughty streak hilarious and as she's so cute with it we can't help but laugh too.

I'm loving watching their relationship grow and change as the months and years go on and I look forward to seeing how they are together in the future.


dear beautiful


  1. Lovely that they like so sit as close as they can to each other for snack-time! Gorgeous, happy shots x

  2. Haha love this! I think I will end up with one being mischievous and getting the other in trouble too!
    Love how much they are alike and that she loves him so much, so cute! #siblings

  3. Love the photos, they are so cute together. I really hope my two are like this as Little E gets bigger x

  4. Lovely photos - they look so happy together and love how they are holding hands in several of the shots :-)

  5. Aww they're so sweet cuddled up together - and I love you photo in the snow, it seems so long ago now!

  6. Such gorgeous photos! It's amazing how much summer looks like you now! She's your mini me!
    They sound so funny together, such a lovely relationship :) xx

  7. They are very alike, your two! I agree that it's an effort to make sure you take the photos for Siblings each month but it'll be so worth it when you look back x


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