Wednesday, 11 March 2015

An Early Mother's Day Treat At T.G.I. Friday's

It's Mother's Day on the 15th March but we won't really be able to celebrate it on that day as it's also Summer's 2nd birthday and we're having a party so we thought that we'd celebrate the weekend before and have a lovely family meal out at one of our favourite restaurants T.G.I. Friday's.

We love it there because the atmosphere is always really laid back, we feel comfortable taking the kids there as they have a great kids menu and lots of high chairs and we absolutely love the food.

We were seated in a nice big booth and our waitress was really helpful when she took our order, she asked if we wanted the children's food bringing out as soon as it was ready or if we wanted it all together, I thought this was brilliant as one of the worst things about eating out with kids is keeping them occupied while you're waiting for the food to arrive. I asked her to bring their food out as soon as it was ready and she then gave the kids some activity bags filled with a puzzle book and crayons to keep them entertained which they loved.

The kids had Chicken Tenders which come with either fries or potato waffles and a side of vegetable sticks, they both ate every bit of their food which doesn't happen very often and they really enjoyed it. I think the kids meals are great for just £3.49 each and there's a good variety to choose from.

I ordered the Jack Daniel's Chicken & Shrimp which is the same thing I order every time I come to T.G.I. Friday's and I never order the same thing all the time at any other restaurant but I just love this meal so much I can't not have it. You get a chargrilled chicken breast coated in a Jack Daniel's glaze with Cajun battered shrimp, creamy mash and seasonal veg and it's absolutely delicious.

My husband chose the Steak, Chicken and Shrimp which also looked really good, it was basically the same as I had with the addition of a 6oz rump steak and fries instead of mash. He thoroughly enjoyed his meal too and said he would definately order it again and he loved how it was presented.

We were pretty full after our main meals but we can never resist ordering desserts, we placed our order and they took a little while to come out which honestly wasn't a problem for us as we were happy to have a little break and let our food go down. 

The waitress was really good and came over to apologise for the delay with our desserts and assured us that they would be with us shortly which they were and they were so yummy.

I chose the Brownie Obsession which was out of this world and a must for all you brownie lovers out there.

Ian went for the Rocky Road Sundae which was filled with chunks of buttery shortcake, soft mini marshmallows and chocolate curls between layers of dairy ice cream, caramel and chocolate sauce and topped with whipped cream.

The kids both had a 99 sundae without the sauce as neither of them like sauce and they loved them especially the flake.

Overall we had a lovely experience as always at T.G.I. Friday's the food was great, the service was fab and we were even refunded for all of our desserts because they took longer than usual to arrive which was a pleasant surprise as we didn't complain about it. If I had to say one negative thing about our experience that day it would have been that the music was a little too loud, me and my husband were having to really raise our voices to be able to hear each other across the table, it didn't bother me enough that I had to ask for it to be turned down but I think it's something they should bear in mind when people are wanting to chat whilst they eat. 

If you're looking for somewhere comfortable to eat and take kids and you like American style foods then I can't recommend T.G.I. Friday's enough, you can check where your nearest one is here.



  1. Oooh looks amazing! I LOVE TGIs, I wish we had one closer as our nearest is Bristol about an hour and a half away! xx

    1. It's one of our favourite places to eat, shame you don't have one closer to you :( xxx

  2. Everything you ordered looks delicious! I've never been to TGI's before and I always hear so much about it, I really must go some time this year x


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