Monday, 23 March 2015

Easter With Lindt

When I think of high quality chocolate the brand that always springs to mind is Lindt and with Easter just around the corner I've been lucky enough to be able to try out some of their super yummy and adorable Easter range.

Their Easter range is huge and includes everything from classic Easter eggs to the iconic Gold Bunny which comes in a variety of sizes and is perfect for Easter. One of my favourite products that they've got for Easter are the Giant Carrots which are filled with a mini gold bunny, carrot double milk sticks, hollow eggs and a smooth Lindor egg, I just think the carrot design looks so cute and at £5.99 each they make a lovely little gift for kids.

Also available are these super cute Easter lambs and chicks which are great for an Easter egg hunt as an alternative to eggs.

Whatever you need for Easter this year Lindt have got it covered, you can find all of these items in most supermarkets so the next time you go shopping go and check them out.



  1. I already picked myself up some of them as I think Lindt is possibly my favourite brand of chocolate. :-) x

  2. Aww! How cute are they. Lindt chocolate is such a treat. x


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