Friday, 20 March 2015

How To Make A Flower Paste Daffodil

Springtime and Easter festivities bring about ideas of bunnies, chicks, chocolate eggs and, of course, beautifully decorated flower adorned cakes. Daffodils are the perfect symbol of Spring. So, why not follow these simple steps and learn how to make flower paste daffodils to use with your Easter cakes and bakes?

With some simple tools and ingredients, these flower paste daffodils will definitely wow your guests this Easter. Cake decorating doesn’t have to be difficult in order to create some stunning cake decorations to beautify your cake with.

What you need

Yellow Flower and Modelling Paste
Red Flower and Modelling Paste
Plastic Sculpting Knife
Plastic Cone Sculpting Tool
Star Cutters

Creating your daffodils

Start by rolling out the yellow flower paste. Be sure to work the paste well to make it pliable and avoid sticky spots. When spread into an even sheet, cut out shapes using the star cutter.

After carefully removing them from the cutter, place them on a card to avoid breakage or sticking. Smooth out the corners and edges using your fingers to create a softer appearance. When done, use the blunt edge of your knife to score the points of the stars with a small line to create a 3-dimensional effect. With a dab of water, lay the smaller star on top to create the base of your daffodil petals.

Now take a small amount of red flower paste, mix with the remaining yellow paste to create an orange flower paste. Once you have the right shade of orange flower paste, create a small cone shape by using your cone tool.
Hollow out a small hole in the centre of your yellow flowers, and again using a dab of water, carefully press the orange cone into the petals to finish creating your daffodil.

Et voilĂ ! There you have your beautiful flower paste daffodil!

Different variations for flower paste daffodils

By using different styles of star cutters, you can create a wide variety of different kinds of daffodils. The great thing about using this method is you can make many different types of flowers by using the same technique and tools. A combination of large and small stars, calyx-style shapes, or crimped edges and points will all create different types of flowers. Not to mention the wide range of coloured flower pastes available for you to change the look of your flower paste flowers completely.

 Although delicate to the touch, after getting used to working with the flower and modelling paste, you will be able to creates a number of beautiful, Springtime designs in no time at all.

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