Saturday, 7 March 2015

OXO Tot Seedling Highchair - My First Play Time

If you saw yesterday's post then you'll know that Summer has been loving using the OXO Tot Seedling Highchair at meal times but what we didn't tell you yesterday was that the highchair is also perfect for play time too.

If Summer wants to colour the best place for me to put her is in the highchair as she has a tendency to draw on walls, floors, tables and anything else she can get to so if she's in the highchair then she can't move. It means I can take my eyes off her for a minute without her destroying the house which really helps when you have a million things to do and a very demanding toddler to entertain.

Same goes for painting, play doh and stickers, all activities that are best done in the highchair and then when she's finished I just wipe it clean.

Take a look at the OXO Tot website for more information on the Seedling Highchair and lots of other brilliant baby and toddler products.



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