Friday, 27 March 2015

Time to Start Planning Your Summer Holiday

It’s Easter! So let’s start thinking about summer! The further ahead you plan your summer holiday the better deals you will snaffle, the more prepared you will be, and the more time you can spend excited about your break. My summer holiday is the highlight of my year so I love thinking about where I am going to go next, what I will wear to the beach, and what kind of activities the kids can get involved in. 

Organise the dates
If both parents work in your family and you have to think about annual leave for both of you, the more in advance you plan your holiday the better – you may have to compete with other parents who need time off during the school break. If you are thinking of visiting somewhere on the other side of the globe, you may also want to give yourself the time at the end of your holiday to get over the long haul flights. Be careful not to double book with any other events which may be happening at the time such as weddings, birthdays or christenings.

Check Passports and other vital admin
An obvious one you may think, but it’s amazing how many stories I have heard from friends and family who have checked their passport only days before their holiday (or even on their way to the airport!) to find it had expired or would expire during their travels. If you are going outside of the EU you may also have to think about things like visas. Also an important piece of admin which shouldn’t be left until the last minute is the printing off of travel documents such as boarding passes. It’s amazing how difficult it is to find a printer these days!

UK-based Vacation options
I believe more people should consider what they have ‘on their doorstep’ before booking a foreign holiday. Domestic holidays such as the ones organised by UK Breakaways allow you to explore parts of the country you were perhaps unfamiliar with. 

Pricing Flights and Accommodation
There are various sites where you can find fantastic deals on flights or accommodation or in some cases, both. Money Saving Expert has a great flight checker application whereas websites such as and feature some wonderful deals. Remember to shop around and check all the reviews you can. If you know people who have been away recently, ask them who they booked with and what their experience was like.

Holiday Wardrobe
This is always a fun part of a holiday – and you don’t even have to wait until you go away to enjoy it! Whether you’re going skiing or intend on going no further than poolside for two weeks, you will need to make sure you look good. Swimwear, sunglasses, a hat – start planning your holiday wardrobe immediately!

Stocking up on Essentials
As well as the fun stuff, you should also make sure you are well stocked for things such as medications you and your family need, sun lotion and tea bags (if, like me, you are fussy about that type of thing!). The less running around before you go away, the more relaxed you will be once you arrive off the plane.

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