Saturday, 4 April 2015

Bath Time Fun With Paddy's Bathroom

I'm pretty sure that as parents we're all aware of the brilliant baby food brand Ella's Kitchen by now (if you're not go and check them out immediately) well their founder Paul Lindley has just launched their exciting new brand Paddy's Bathroom which is an amazing range of organic and natural toiletries for little ones.

We were lucky enough to be sent some products and the kids couldn't wait to get in the bath and try them out.

I like the fact that there's no nasty stuff in these products as my daughter has a bit of eczema and it does get irritated sometimes so we have to be careful what we use.

These products contain

No Parabens
No Phthalates
No Sulphates
No GMO Ingredients

We used the Bubbly Stuff bubble bath and it made loads of bubbles much to the kids delight plus it smelt amazing, just like tangy tangerines.

Riley chose the Stuff For Shiny Hair shampoo when it came to hair wash time which to be honest is not his favourite thing but after showing him all of the fun games on the Paddy's Bathroom website he wanted to have a go at the Lemon Meringue Pie Head which is perfect for this shampoo as it smells like squeezy lemons.

 It was great to see a big smile on his face while he was having his hair washed instead of the tears that we sometimes have.

Next we tried the Foamy Stuff which had a gorgeous scent of rosy apples, this hair and body mousse makes getting washed a lot more fun, Riley liked to squirt the mousse out himself and he said he felt squeeky clean after washing with it.

It's not just bath products they make, there's also the really yummy smelling Stuff For Hands which is great for encouraging the kids to wash their hands more often. I find the foam consistency really helps to make hand washing much more fun and appealing, the kids love it.

The Paddy's Bathroom range certainly made our bath times more fun so if you're looking for something organic and natural to use on your children with some great scents then you should give them a try.

You can only find the Paddy's Bathroom products in selected Tesco stores at the moment, to find out if they're in a store near you click here.


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