Thursday, 16 April 2015

Essential Space-saving Tips for Your Home

When it comes to our homes, we could all do with more space. Whether it’s to store your ever expanding collection of kid’s toys, kitchen accessories or shoes, or simply use a room in a variety of ways, here are some simple ways to de-clutter and maximise the space you have.
Built-in storage
Did you rip out those dated built-in wardrobes in your bedroom when you first moved in? Believe it or not, now might be the time to reinstate them. Built in wardrobes are fantastic for neatly storing away clothes, shoes and other accessories. There are so many designs on the market now that have a really modern feel, so no need for mirrored wardrobes (unless you really want them!)
Under-bed storage
Under the bed is ideal for storing bulkier linen items such as towels and bedding. Vacuum storage bags will really maximise the space. Simply select the items you won’t use till next season, pack them, vac them and pop them out of the way under the bed. Storage has never been so satisfying!
Multi-function furniture
Is the space in your spare room mostly taken up by the bed? Sofa beds are a great alternative for guest bedrooms. Not only will they free up floor space for the majority of the time when you don’t have guests, but fold out sofas can be really comfy too. There’s even a sofa on the market now that transforms into bunk beds! Shop around and you’re sure to find the sofa bed you need.
Streamline your kitchen
The kitchen is one place where appliances do tend to take over. Before we know it, we have a fridge, a freezer, a dishwasher, an oven, a microwave, a juicer, a bread-maker and goodness knows what else, all on show. Unless you have a very large kitchen, this kind of clutter can make it hard to actually cook. One way around this is to invest in a microwave oven. A mid to top of the range one will have a decent grill built in, removing the need for a traditional bulky oven/ grill combo. Plus, they look really smart too.
Thinking outside the box
A quick scan on the internet can provide inspiration for a whole range of quirky space saving solutions, from under stair bookcases to window blinds that double up as clothes dryers, and desks that pull down from the wall. One particularly effective and stylish space saver is the stacking round table and chair combo. Available through a range of online stockists, this clever item features four chairs that neatly stack into a table when not in use. Scandinavian chic at its most practical.
When thinking about any of the above, do consider the look and feel of your own home and remember to work with your existing d├ęcor to choose the solutions that will blend in. With all that saved space, you could consider using rooms for multi- purposes or simply collect more shoes, it’s up to you!
Images by Zhao and Sh4rp_!, used under the Creative Commons license. 

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