Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Toddler Girls Summer Clothing Haul

Summer had some birthday money and vouchers to spend so I thought I'd make a start on her Spring/Summer wardrobe and I got some gorgeous bits from F&F at TescoH&M and Next.

Here's what I got

My sister bought Summer these adorable nautical shorts with a lace trim from H&M, I have a major obsession with all things nautical so I'm in love with them and the vest top she got goes perfectly with them.

I'm a bit of a sucker for short dungarees for the kids and I couldn't resist buying this pair from H&M the last time I was in there, they also do them in pink but I liked the denim option.

The last thing I got from H&M was these super cute gold sandals, I struggle getting sandals to fit Summer's thin, flat feet so I thought these would be a good option as they're quite enclosed like a shoe but still have the look and feel of a sandal.

I got quite a few bits from Next as Summer had some gift vouchers to use up, the first thing I picked up was this cute little top, I love the lace around the top and the pleated back is so adorable, perfect for Spring/Summer.

Last year I got Summer some jumpsuits from Next and they looked so cute on I knew I wanted to get her some more this year so I got her this one which is covered in really pretty butterflies, I think it will look gorgeous with sandals and a little denim jacket.

I love the colours of this next outfit, it's a little 70's but looks so adorable on and will be lovely for warm Summer's days.

These next two bits I wasn't sure about at first, I loved the cardigan but wasn't sure if the colour was practical or if she'd get much wear out of it but it looks gorgeous on and she's worn it a few times already. It looks lovely with the jeans which again I wasn't sure about at first as Summer hasn't really worn jeans yet, she's usually in leggings or dresses with tights but they really suit her and I'm so glad I got them now.

My last purchase from Next is this gorgeous play suit, I love the colour (I'm obsessed with navy) and the design plus play suits are so easy and comfortable for her to wear when the weather is hot.

My final two bits are from F&F, my favourite place to get Summer's clothes from, they always have beautiful clothes at super affordable prices. I couldn't resist this pretty denim and floral dress, it's so cute and looks lovely on.

Lastly with my nautical obsession I had to get this dress for Summer, they have a few nautical bits and I really had to restrain myself from buying them all because they're all gorgeous, Summer's worn this dress with some light grey tights a few times already and it's absolutely adorable and super comfortable for her to run around in.

That's everything I've picked up so far, let me know what you think and where your favourite place is to buy your kids clothes?



  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Nautical dress. I have a Nautical obsession too, mostly cos i want Kier to grow up to be a Captain of a huge cruise liner :-) I love clothes from Next, H&M, Tesco, Matalan and sometimes Asda have nice things.

    Laura @

  2. They're ALL gorgeous!!!



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