Thursday, 7 May 2015

A Sneaky Peek At Riley's New Bedroom

Over the last couple of weeks me and my husband have been giving my son's bedroom a 'big boy' makeover, it's pretty much finished now but I'm just waiting for a couple more things to arrive so I'm not going to do a full room tour yet but what I will do is give you a sneaky peek at a couple of things we got for his room that I love.

First up is this gorgeous canvas print from Graham & Brown, I'm a little obsessed with clouds at the moment and the colours on this canvas fit perfectly with Riley's new decor. It looks great in his room and I love the positive message on it too. Graham & Brown have a gorgeous range of wall art and some amazing wallpapers too so if you're decorating at the moment you should definitely check them out.

Next up are these amazing dinosaur models from Tobar, Riley loves dinosaurs and although his room is not dinosaur themed I wanted to include them somewhere in his new room. I thought the models would be great as he could have fun building them first and feel like he's contributed something to his bedroom decor. He loved building them especially the T-Rex and has already asked for more, if you have a dinosaur lover in your house I'd recommend getting them some of these.

I'm so pleased with how Riley's room has turned out and I can't wait to share what it looks like totally finished which I'll hopefully be able to do in the next week or so.

Hope you enjoyed the sneak peek, let me know what you think of the bits you've seen so far.



  1. I LOVE The cloud print - I'm obsessed with rain, rainbows Etc at the moment when it comes to decor x

  2. love those dinosaurs! they'd be perfect in calebs room x


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