Monday, 18 May 2015

Adventure Time Magazine

Riley is almost 5 and at the moment his favourite tv show is Adventure Time on Cartoon Network and although he can't properly read yet he loves to get the Adventure Time Magazine every month. It's full of fun pictures, activities, stories and there's always a free gift on the front of every issue.

Riley loves to sit with me while I read him the comic strip and he also loves to do the puzzles with me.

I like how there is a section for the readers to send in their drawings as it encourages children to get creative and use their imagination.

There are competitions to enter where you can win some fab Adventure Time goodies and loads of fun little Finn and Jake facts.

Every issue has a different theme and Riley gets so excited when each new issue arrives, it's even helping with his reading as I try and encourage him to read some of the words himself and as it's something that he's interested in it makes learning a bit more fun.

If you would like to subscribe to Adventure Time Magazine then pop over to, they have great prices on subscriptions to all kinds of reads from kids magazines to home and garden and fashion magazines.


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