Monday, 4 May 2015

Macho Loves His Pawsomebox

Macho was very excited a few days ago when the postman delivered something that was actually for him instead of for me, the Pawsomebox is a monthly subscription box for dogs filled with treats, toys, accessories and hygiene products.

Included in our box this month was 

A Keep Calm And Have A Bite food bowl
Fresh Breath Treats
Chicken & Cheese Stripes
Ear Cleanser
Lamb Plush Toy
Rope Tug Toy

The ear cleanser is great because Macho gets quite dirty ears that can sometimes lead to ear infections so we'll definitely be using that, the fresh breath treats will be handy because Macho has bad teeth which results in bad breath, these will help his breath and clean his teeth at the same time. He'll love the chicken and cheese stripes as a tasty treat now and again and I'm sure the toys will get played with. 

Overall I'm really pleased with everything in the box and I'm sure Macho is too. You can have a free trial of the Pawsomebox to try it out, if this something you're interested in then pop over to the website.

If you're a cat owner then don't worry because they also do a Purrfectbox which is the same principle except it's for cats.


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