Monday, 11 May 2015

Summer's Transition To A Toddler Bed

Our eldest child Riley has always been a good sleeper, from the day he was born he's always been happy to go to sleep and has never caused us any problems in that area so it was a bit of a shock when we had our second child Summer as she has never really been great when it comes to bedtime.

The last few months with her have been particularly hard as she now refuses to go to sleep in her own bed so we're having to let her stay up with us and then wait until she falls asleep, which some nights can be as late as 10.30pm and then attempt to carry her upstairs, place her into her own bed without her waking up and then pray that stays asleep the whole night.

This leaves me and my husband with no time together in the evenings to sit and watch tv and just talk about our day which is hard and we both miss having that time together at the end of everyday.

I've tried everything I can think of to get her to go to bed, I've stopped her having a nap in the day hoping she will be tired at a more reasonable time but no she's still going at 10pm, I've allowed a nap just incase she was getting over tired but then she's still going at 11pm sometimes, we've tried reading her stories and she loves that but then wants to come downstairs with us afterwards, I'm running out of options.

One thing that has helped recently though was getting her a new toddler bed, she really looks up to her big brother and when she saw that her bed was like Riley's she was really pleased. We chose the StarBright Toddler Bed by HelloHome for Summer because it's such a cute bed and the headboard is a cloud and as you probably already know if you read my blog regularly I'm a little obsessed with clouds.

It was super easy to put together and it's a really sturdy little bed, I love the little bedside table/reading seat on the side as that's really handy for putting her night light on and the removable side guards mean there's no risk of her falling out in the night, Summer moves around a lot in her sleep and as of yet she's not fallen out of this bed once.

Also built into the headboard is a super cute moon shaped night light which softly glows for 15 minutes before switching off, it also projects twinkling stars onto the wall above. We've found that although Summer still won't go to sleep in her new bed, if she falls asleep downstairs and we carry her up and put her in her new bed she sleeps right through all night every night which at least means we're not being woken up in the night to put her in bed with us.

The StarBright Toddler Bed is available to buy from Argos, if you'd like to see more of it here's a little video you can watch.

If you have any tips on how we can get Summer into a better bedtime routine then leave me a comment below, I need all the help I can get.



  1. I absolutely love this, I love the night light. Summer looks like she loves it too! x
    Steph |

  2. This bed is super super cute and it looks as though Summer loves it too :) Fingers crossed this does the trick for you!! I'm having similar problems with Rufus, he will only sleep in our bed at night so I am going to be trying out the toddler bed trick too!

    Becca xx


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