Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Taking Part In Bread & Sandwich Week With

This week is bread and sandwich week and the lovely people over at asked us if we would like to join in, they sent us over some goodies to create some fun sandwiches and the kids had lots of fun making their creations, this was Riley's favourite.

Did you know that you can also make some pretty impressive toast art by using a really simple method, your kids will love it!

All you have to do is cut out a design of your choice from foil and lay it on top of your slice of bread and then pop it under the grill, the part of the bread covered by the foil stays white while the rest turns brown, so cool and so easy.

Why not give it a try and make breakfast time more fun, your design can be as simple or complicated as you like, let me know if you give this a try.


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