Friday, 5 June 2015

Netflix - Our Favourite Shows

This year we were lucky enough to be chosen to be a part of the Netflix Stream Team which means we get to try out Netflix for a whole year, we've had it for a few weeks now and so far we're absolutely loving it.

If you're not familiar with Netflix it's a monthly subscription on demand service that allows you to stream thousands of tv shows and movies via your tv, laptop, tablet or smart phone.

I love how each family member has their own profile which recommends things for you to watch that it thinks you might like based on your previous choices and it's so easy to use my four year old son can navigate it with no problem at all.

So what have we enjoyed watching the most so far?

Riley has loved watching BBC's Walking With Dinosaurs, he's always loved dinosaurs since he was a baby and he finds these documentaries not only fascinating but educational too. He's always telling me little facts that he's learnt about dinosaurs from the show, he really enjoys it.

Summer loves to watch Charlie and Lola, it's a lovely programme about a boy called Charlie and his little sister Lola and all the adventures that they get up to. It's great because I can sit Summer down with her lunch and pop this on and Netflix automatically plays the next episode when the first one is finished so Summer doesn't have to keep coming to find me to put the next episode on, it makes sure she sit's still and finishes her food without getting up and spilling it everywhere.

Me and my husband have been completely addicted to watching Breaking Bad and Netflix has all five seasons so you can have a Breaking Bad marathon if you wish (I would if I had the time). The show is about a chemistry teacher Walter White who finds out he has terminal lung cancer and decides to partner up with his former student Jesse to make and sell the drug crystal meth in order to make money to provide for his family after his death. It's such a great show and will have you hooked after the first episode, if you haven't already watched it then you should definitely give it a try.

The only film I've gotten around to watching so far is Katy Perry Part Of Me, I love Katy Perry so I found this behind the scenes look at her life on tour really interesting, it was full of highs and lows with the success of her world tour to the breakdown of her marriage to Russel Brand. It's a must watch for any Katy Perry fans out there.

Do you have Netflix? If so what do you recommend I watch next?


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  1. LOVE Netflix! I watched the Katy Perry movie too, LOVED it! I was so into the bit where she was getting texts from Russell after they split lol.

    Jon wants me to watch Breaking Bad but I just never fancy it! I LOVE Orange is the new black, The unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (Which is WEIRD but once you get used to it its hilarious!) and Grace & Frankie.


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