Thursday, 16 July 2015

Bogs Rain Boots

Even though it's summer we have had a fair bit of rain recently so wellies have been a must especially when we're out walking the dog on the fields near our house and Riley's favourite pair lately have been the Bogs Digital Camo Rain Boots.

They're 100% waterproof and are made from ultra soft and flexible natural rubber so they're super comfortable to wear. They have easy pull on handles which makes them so much easier for young children to put on themselves and they have great features like Bogs Max-Wick which moves sweat away and keeps feet dry and DuraFresh which fights unwanted odours.

They come in a wide range of really cool designs for both girls and boys and you can even get baby rain boots (how cute are they?).

The adult Bogs are pretty amazing too and you can check them out on the Bogs website.

Riley has worn his Bogs loads already and as we go into autumn and winter I'm sure he'll get lots more wear out of them, Summer has been asking for some so I think we'll have to get her a pair as she has to have everything Riley has no matter what it is (it's a sibling thing lol).

Which design is your favourite?


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