Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Me & Mine - September

I haven't joined in with the Me & Mine linky for ages, infact blogging in general has taken a bit of a back seat lately as this last month we've moved house and it has been totally overwhelming. 

We've been in the house just over a month now and things are beginning to settle down which means I can finally get my blogging schedule back on track and I thought it would be nice to start with a family photo.

This photo was taken on our recent holiday to Filey, it's somewhere we go every year and a place that holds many special memories for my husband who has been holidaying there since he was a baby and also for us as a family.

Last year when we were in Filey we took a family photo on the same bench and we thought it would be a fun little tradition to take the same photo every year to see how we've all changed, here are the two photos together, as you can see me and Ian look very much the same but the difference in the children is huge, they look so grown up.

I wonder what we'll all look like on the photo next year.

dear beautiful


  1. Aww its mental how much they've changed! You and Ian look the same though lol. Tyne saw this photo and wanted to know what the kids were called, he said "Riley looks fun" lol!! xx

  2. Ah I loved this photo when I saw it on Facebook too Emma. I love photos like this where you can see just how much you have all changed. You all look really happy too. x

    1. Thanks Katie :) It's nice but a bit scary to see the difference in them in just a year xx

  3. I love the idea of taking a photo i the same place at the same time every year, it's a great to track the changes. Lovely pictures. My September Me and Mine was also a way for to try and get back into blogging after I lost my mojo for a bit.

  4. Oh wow what a difference a year makes - is this the start of a tradition?! And what a lovely spot for your photos - my husband used to go to Filey as a child too - fond memories all round :)

  5. Wow, I love photos like this where you can see huge change in the children, its amazing how fast they grow. We love Filey too, Filey and Whitby are two of our favourite seaside towns :)

  6. It's lovely to take photos in the same place and look back over them, isn't it? Such a change in your children over the last year though! Hope you are settling in well into your new house :-)

  7. Aww they've changed so much. This is such a lovely photo of you all. xx


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