Monday, 19 October 2015

Getting Ready For Halloween

We love Halloween in our house and as soon as we get into October the decorations come out and everything gets a little spookier in the Kershaw household. I've picked up a few new things this year so I thought I'd share them with you.

Firstly I have to have plenty of sweets in ready for all of the trick or treaters that will be turning up so I got a few packs of the Chewits Halloween range. There's the Xtreme Chewmix which has sour and tutti frutti flavoured sweets, the Vampire Fangs which are fruit flavoured gums and the Chewits Chewmix which is a random mix of fruit flavour chewy sweets all of which are perfect for handing out on Halloween.

Next I got a super cute craft box filled with Halloween craft items to keep the kids entertained throughout half term. The box is by Oglee Poglee and is filled with lots of spooky themed craft items that they can use to make masks, decorate pumpkins and colour spooky pictures, they even provide the glue and crayon.

I let my kids loose with it last weekend as they couldn't wait until half term and they had hours of fun sticking and drawing and coluring, it kept them quiet for a long time and there are still some bits left over for another day.

I got Summer some of these super comfortable Blade & Rose Pumpkin Leggings to wear throughout October, she loves them because they're so soft and keep her nice and warm and I love them because they look so cute. Blade & Rose have a huge selection of gorgeous leggings for girls and boys as well as bibs, hats, socks and tights so check them out.

For costumes this year we decided to go with a super cute ghost outfit for Summer from Asda and as Riley is a bit funny about wearing costumes sometimes we thought we'd play it safe and get him a Scooby Doo Halloween Onesie, it still makes him look spooky with it's bandage design but it's nice and comfortable at the same time.

If Riley does decide to go all out and wear a costume he's chosen the Deluxe Jolly Rotten Pirate Zombie from online store, they have a huge range of costumes for all ages and all occasions so check them out if you're looking for a costume for Halloween.

We like to read Halloween themed books at this time of the year and the kids favourite this year is Pumpkins, Pumpkins Everywhere from Parragon Book, it's a really cute little story perfect for bedtime. We pretty much read it every night at the moment as Riley loves it.


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