Thursday, 15 October 2015

Mood Enhancing Decorating

We can’t deny that winter is almost here. It’s just so cold outside all of a sudden. And with that, comes the worst part of winter, the dark mornings and even darker evenings.
I can’t be too sad though, because with all this comes those cosy nights cuddled up under a blanket and of course, Christmas.

Sometimes in winter your mood can dip though. I think everyone will have experienced feeling down or demotivated on a dull, dark day. Because of this, I’ve become interested in how our homes can affect our mood, and in particularly colour. Different colours, whether on your walls or in your soft furnishings, can really change your mindset.

So which colour is for you this winter?

Blue is the colour of productivity and calm. When we get demotivated by the dull weather, blue can help us get up and get busy. This could be great in a study, home office or even where the kids do their homework. In the banking and finance world blue represents hard work and trustworthiness and so many brands use this colour in their branding.  Try painting a wooden with Cuprinol's Garden Shades wood stain, in Seagrass.  It’s not only a beautiful blue, but hardy and resistant against family life.

Tranquillity and health is something we look for in winter time. Green is your colour for this, it’s all about relaxing and unwinding, so incorporating some green in your living room would be perfect. Use green cushions and green touches to your furniture. This can be really subtle such as painting drawer fronts or the inside of a bookcase. Do this with interior wood paint to protect your furniture and keep your home looking beautiful.

Just like blues, pale purple can be calming, but with more warmth, something we definitely need in the winter. Colour is scarce outside in wintertime so fill your home with these wonderful warm colours instead. Lavender goes great in bedrooms, encouraging relaxing sleep and a calming start to the day, something both adults and children need.

Red has lots of connotations, but in your home it brings lots of warmth. It can also increase your appetite and raise your energy levels so a brilliant place for Red would be a living room. This is whether all the family can come together to chat about the day and eat a delicious dinner. Combine natural wood with burnt oranges, mahogany and burgundy colours and make your home a cosy place.

I think that might be enough colour for now, but colour certainly plays a huge part in our lives and our children’s lives. It’s amazing the effect it can have. So get those paint pots at the ready and get decorating. Plus take a look at Dulux Decorator Centre’s Pinterest account for more colour inspiration >here< There’s just too much to mention in one blog.

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