Tuesday, 8 December 2015

The Enchanted Christmas Kingdom At Hatton Adventure World

We were recently invited to visit the Enchanted Christmas Kingdom at Hatton Adventure World in the West Midlands and as we'd been there before at Easter and had an amazing day we couldn't wait to go back and experience Christmas there.

As soon as we got there we booked a slot to go and see Santa which is nice because it means no queuing up for ages and as we got there at lunch time we went straight to Snorty's Superslide Mania Restaurant which serves lovely food and is in the middle of an amazing soft play area. We had our lunch and the food was really nice and then it was time for a little bit of soft play fun which the kids absolutely loved.

 They would have happily stayed in the soft play area all day but we knew there was lots more to see and do so we set off to see some of the animals, there were pigs, goats, sheep and a really cute donkey who was so friendly.

Then we went through to the kids favourite part, the guinea pig village. There are hundreds of super cute little guinea pigs all living in a little village, they even had their own Christmas tree. This time there were some guinea pigs out that we were allowed to pick up and stroke and the kids couldn't wait to give them a cuddle.

Next we made our way through to the Scales and Tails area with all of the lizards and snakes and we stumbled upon a private birthday party where they had an entertainer making balloon shapes for them, of course when Riley and Summer saw this they wanted some too and even though we weren't part of the party they made sure that Riley and Summer both got to have a balloon sword and a balloon snowman which I thought was really lovely.

Next it was time to see Santa so we headed off to his grotto, when we arrived we were surprised and very excited to see some reindeer outside which was a lovely treat for the kids.

We then went in to see Santa who was lovely, he was telling us all about his reindeer and asked the children what they would like for Christmas, then he got out his magic book which had all of the names of the naughty and nice children in to check if they were on the naughty list which they weren't. He then closed the book and asked the kids to give it a tap and when he opened it again there were two magic keys inside which open up Santa's secret toy shop where they could each choose a gift.

 The toy shop was packed full of toys for all ages, Riley and Summer were spoilt for choice but eventually decided on play doh and a space sword.

When we first arrived at Hatton Adventure World we were given a piece of paper with a little quiz where we had to find all nine of Santa's reindeer hidden around different locations and write them down, if you find all nine you get a prize and are entered into a competition. Riley loved this and made it his mission to find them all which he did and got a Christmas chocolate at the end which he loved.

Once we were all finished we popped into a few of the lovely little shops there and bought a couple of Christmas decorations and had a hot drink and a cake before heading off home.

We didn't manage to do everything while we were there as we were short on time but other activities we could have seen were:

Zoobee's Christmas Cracker Show
Real Live Nativity
Cool Colin The Snowman
Falcons Of The Orient
Christmas Decoration Making
Stories With Mother Christmas
Festive Friends Puppets

So as you can see there is loads to do for all the family, it's a great day out any time of the year but it's particularly good at Christmas so if you're looking for something fun to do with your kids then I'd definitely recommend you give it a try.

You can find out more information about Hatton Adventure World and their opening times and prices here.


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