Sunday, 27 March 2016

Baby Born Train Andy Dog

My daughter Summer loves dogs and is always asking for a dog of her own, we have a 10 year old Yorkie who she loves but he keeps well clear of the kids as he's quite a nervous dog and Summer would love nothing more than to give him a big cuddle but he's not too keen. 

We were recently asked to try out the Baby Born Train Andy Dog and I knew straight away that it would be perfect for Summer. It's suitable for ages 3+ and it's so super cute and fluffy that she fell in love with him the minute she laid eyes on him.

Andy comes with a click remote control and a plastic bone, it's really easy to control you just point the remote at the dog and click the buttons depending on if you want him to walk or sit and beg for a treat.

Once you have got him to sit you can then feed him the bone and he will make eating sounds as he chomps away on the bone and swallows it. Summer loves to feed him the bone and she thinks it's amazing that he actually eats it.

Once Andy has eaten the bone it's time to make him go for a walk by pointing the remote at him and clicking the walk button, he then goes for a little walk and at the end of the walk comes my daughters favourite part.

Andy poops out the little bone much to Summer's delight, I don't know what it is with kids and pooping but they just think it's hilarious.

Summer absolutely loves her Train Andy Dog and hasn't left him alone since she got him, she plays with him all the time and even puts him on the end of her bed at night just like a real dog.

I'd recommend him to any dog loving children as he's adorable and so much fun, you can buy the Baby Born Train Andy Dog at most good toy stores.


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  1. This looks so cute and such a lovely toy. My little girl would love this as she loves dogs but her brother is scared of them xx


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