Tuesday, 1 March 2016

The Perfect Mother's Day

I was recently contacted by the lovely people over at Oak Furniture UK to tell them what would make the perfect Mother's Day, so here's a few things that I think would make mine and many other Mums day extra special.

Breakfast in bed would be a perfect start to the day and my favourite breakfast treat is without a doubt pancakes. What better for Mother's Day than some super cute Heart Shaped Pancakes dusted with icing sugar and finished off with some delicious strawberries, yummy!

Flowers always make a lovely gift for Mums on Mother's Day and for me personally it doesn't matter if it's a £1 bunch of daffodils or a big, expensive bouquet, all flowers are beautiful and I appreciate any of them.

 I must admit though I also like a pretty plant in a nice pot as these last longer and you're left with the pot to re-use again and again.

If you'd like to get a gift for your Mum then the general rule of thumb is that you can't really go wrong as long as the gift has the word 'Mum' on it somewhere. 

Something pretty like a mug or a personalised vase would be great and would bring a smile to your Mum's face on Mother's Day.

Lastly one thing that definitely would make my day perfect would be not having to do the cooking and washing up that day, so taking your Mum out for lunch or dinner is a fab idea. For me personally I love a good afternoon tea, I mean what's not to love about tiny sandwiches, cakes and a big pot of tea, heaven!

All of the things above would make any Mum happy but let's face it the only thing us Mum's really want on Mother's Day is to feel loved and appreciated by our children and that can easily be shown with a hand made card and a big cuddle.

What would make your Mother's Day perfect?


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