Monday, 4 April 2016

Spring Homeware Haul

Spring is officially here and it's around this time that I like to give the house a good spring clean and a bit of a makeover where I put away some of my winter items and give the house more of a spring/summer feel. 

This year I'm lucky enough to be working with Ocean Loans who have given me £50 to add some spring decor to our house and here's what I got.

I know Easter has already gone but I bought this super cute picture and wooden bunny a couple of weeks ago from TK Maxx and they really gave my shelves in the kitchen a spring feel in the lead up to Easter. I've taken the picture down now but I've left the wooden bunny up because I think it goes nicely with the spring decor as well as being cute for Easter.

Next I changed my coffee table display, I took away my grey winter style tray and changed it for this fresh new white one and then I got the gorgeous Emma Bridgewater Rose & Bee vase which brings in much more of a spring feel with the floral and bee designs. I think it looks lovely with a few tulips in and really gives our lounge a fresher feel.

Lastly we changed our bedding to a brighter more spring feeling set from Matalan, the brightly coloured butterflies look stunning against the white background and it really adds a lot of light to our grey bedroom.

Our whole house is now feeling much more fresh and bright and I feel totally ready for spring and summer, I just need some nice weather now and I'm sorted.


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