Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Sylvanian Families Dressing Area Set

Easter isn't far away and if your kids are anything like mine then they'll be receiving an abundance of chocolate which will fill our cupboards for months. With this in mind I like to look at other options for gifts at Easter and something I found that would make the perfect gift is the Sylvanian Families Dressing Area Set.

This adorable set includes a chocolate rabbit girl in a special dress, a dress shelf, a full length mirror, two dress hangers and two dresses. My daughter loves to dress up her Sylvanian characters in different clothes so I know she would love this and it will look so cute set up in her Beechwood Hall.

The Sylvanian sets make lovely gifts and they're not just for girls, there are lots of different sets that would suit both girls and boys, the quality is always great and the prices are reasonable. If you're looking for an alternative gift to chocolate this Easter pop to your local toy store and take a look at the Sylvanian section.
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