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I would be more than happy to try out and give an honest review on products that are sent to me and also participate in sponsored posts and giveaways.

I will occasionally accept guest posts but only from bloggers I know or if someone has a post that would fit my blog, I don't accept guest posts from writers who are getting paid to put links in to a post on behalf of other brands.

To contact me send an email to

All products featured on Handbags To Change Bags are purchased by myself unless stated otherwise. When reviewing items that have been given to me for consideration it will be stated at the end of the post. 

All opinions are 100% honest and my own whether I'm reviewing something bought by myself or gifted.


  1. Are you on GFC because I can't find a button to follow you with it. I'm @Vickypinkxx on Twitter

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    1. Hi Tania, I'm really sorry I have no idea where you get them from x

  3. Hi My name is Tania Davies and I own 3D BabyVision here on Canada,Ontario,London. I would very much like to know if you could please help me and tell me where to get the little red boxes and heart recordings from. I would love to offer them to our clients here in London,Toronto,Oakville and Mississauga. I know they come from China I just can't find who and where. I would like to order a 1,000 of each. If you could please help me I would be very grateful.


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